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건강문화 선도기업
It has been a series of challenges during the past 10 years since Ceragem entered the thermal massager market as a frontrunner for a healthy and happy living of people. Ceragem initiated the automation system in the thermal massager for the first time in the industry. Further Ceragem advanced to the overseas market ahead of other companies and built the global network with empty hands, which made the foundation of the company. Now as a “World Best Healthcare Partner”, we would like to go forward toward a bigger and more valuable future to be a “Company Leading Healthy Lifestyle Culture” for a better world.
인류 건강증진
Health is the most valuable virtue that finite humans pursues. Ceragem has fulfilled the social responsibility to practice the philosophy, ”Promotion of People’s Health”, with the spirit of love and service since its establishment. All employees around the world make the best efforts to achieve the vision, “World Best Healthcare Partner”.

All staff members and employees, including myself, keep in mind that this kind of achievement has been made possible only through our customers’ continuous love and support. We promise to dedicate our best efforts toward maintaining customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities through the continuous R&D and differentiated customer service.
Please keep an eye on Ceragem doing its utmost to become a trustworthy company in pursuing the healthy future and supporting the customers’ health and happiness.

Thank you.